The Fate of Golden Antioch

A Proclamation

To all those now persecuted by Church or Lord, I Bohemond, Prince of Antioch, declare my lands a haven for all those in need of protection.

The Pope has cast out all those whose power he cannot control, all those who would walk a path he has not dictated.

He has cast me out, for I am like you.

I will not allow this to be my end. All of you who now struggle to find a place in a world which fears and hates you, bring yourselves to Antioch and as long as you stand to protect those within who cannot protect themselves, as long as you stand to protect the city and lands of Antioch, I will support and welcome you. I will not cast you out.

Spread the word in all the lands of the Levant. Antioch is a free city, here all are welcome.

-Bohemond of Taranto, Prince of Antioch



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