A European power in the service of Bohemond


Walker, his old name and identity now forgotten, has been one of the gifted for as long as he can remember. No-one is really sure how long he wandered in the desert before he came to Antioch. He claims that he was part of a caravan that became lost travelling to Jerusalem and that as the other died from heatstroke, starvation and thirst he persisted. Apparantly the ordeal drove him mor ethan a little mad, as he remembers little except the ordeal itself. Now he serves Bohemond as a scout, although he spends most of his time in the desert where he feels more at home.

Walker exhibits a complete immunity to heat, he needs no sustenance other than the light of the sun (he is rarely seen during the night). He also unconsciously projects an aura of scorching heat, few can stand the temperature without remaining a few feet away from him, at need he can focus the heat outwards in devastating beams – although this appears to weaken him.


The Fate of Golden Antioch Niadh